Christmas Tra la lalala


Good Morning everyone, Frances Clarke, The Financial Management Centre So…..

  T’is the season to be jolly Fa la lalalalala

Let us get your books in order

Take the stress away from you If it’s VAT or Debt you’re cursing

We can sort it all for you

We will file your tax in time

No more fines will you incur Cashflow, payroll, business planning

We excel in all of these Trust our team to take care of you

Fa la lalalalalalalala After Christmas, one hour free

Weeeeee will give to thee

We will review your bookkeeping

Could help profit to increase

Tell your friends that we are willing

To give them a helping hand

Happy Christmas to you all Fa la lalalalalalalala

Thank you, Frances Clarke, the Financial Management Centre Not a singer for a very good reason!

Anna Boyd resides in Bexley. She currently writes about topics like Management Centre for Financial Bexley, An Enterprise Resource Planning system Bexley, Part time bookkeeper Bexley, The Local Bookkeeper Service Bexley. She enjoys comic books and movies.

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